WordCampTampa 2014

WordCamp Tampa 2014 — The Research and Discovery Phase

Last weekend our team traveled to Tampa, Florida to speak at WordCamp Tampa. This conference was Tampa’s first WordCamp, and it started with a bang, with over 250 in attendance and representatives pouring in from all over the globe. It took place at the spacious Keiser University campus. This year, James Tryon—our Creative Director—decided to present “Research andRead More

Shellshock and Business

Feel Helpless Over the Latest ShellShock Vulnerability? What Business Owners Should Know.

After the recent Heartbleed fiasco, tech companies and non-tech companies alike are on top of major breaches in computer security. Chances are you’ve already heard about “ShellShock“. These snazzy names for security breaches are meant to generate fear and awe, and while they may sound like they are irrelevant to you, they are actually closerRead More


Shell Shock: The Bash Bug on Servers Hosting WordPress

Linux and Unix-based web servers, the safest you can get! While that may be true, no operating system (or software for that matter) is perfect.

The Bash Bug, also known as the Shell Shock vulnerability, presents a mega serious security problem for all servers that currently have “bash”(short for Bourne Again Shell) installed.

AB Testing your Main Page

A/B Testing – When to Say When

A/B testing; also known as multivariate testing, is the testing of two versions of a web page – an A version (the control) and a B version (the variation) — with live traffic and measuring the effect each version has on your conversion rate. We’ve been performing A/B tests since the launch of our new design, butRead More


How We Promoted Our Business Without Traditional Advertising

We’ve just recently started digging into paid advertising opportunities for the WP Valet as we continue to scale. Going through this process was a reminder of how we were able to build a successful business with zero “traditional” digital advertising dollars spent. No Ad Dollars Spent Doesn’t Mean There Was No Cost I want to makeRead More

Mason James - WP Elevation Podcast

Mason James on the WP Elevation Business Podcast

Our WP Valet founder and CEO was recently interviewed by Troy Dean on the WP Elevation podcast. Watch and listen here. What is WP Elevation? WP Elevation is a company dedicated to helping businesses and consultants grow and succeed in the WordPress space. In addition to their podcast, they also offer a membership which includesRead More

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