Measuring data case study

The Metrics Made Me Do It Even Though I Didn’t Want To

I often find myself taking action when things “feel right”. You could  call it intuition or simply being stubborn, but as an entrepreneur, I’ve found that many times it works to put my business in the position to grow. However, this isn’t always true. Some decisions need to be made based solely on hard data metrics andRead More


You’re Sabotaging Your Business And May Not Even Know It

You’ve spent months researching, planning, preparing and then finally building the website that will be the face of your business. You’ve utilized WordPress for the backend because of the amazing out-of-the-box benefits. You’re using the best plugins available, both free and premium, and even a couple of custom plugins you’ve had coded to bring thatRead More

Essential Web Business Services

9 Essential Services your Business Can’t Ignore

The Internet is filled with thousands of interesting tools and services for business owners but that also makes it easy to become distracted by the latest shiny new thing(s). One of the best things you can do for your business is to streamline the amount of “noise” and make sure you’ve got the basics covered first. TheRead More

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