WordCamp Orlando 2015—A Recap

This past weekend Orlando was abuzz with activity for WordCamp Orlando. The conference was held in Downtown Orlando, so everything was in walking distance—lots of fun for exploring local places. WP Valet is a proud return sponsor of this year’s WordCamp Orlando. We provided the bewitching branding. (So fun to see it pop up around town!) We enjoyedRead More

Simple and Scannable: A Short Guide to Writing Blog Posts for Your Business

Writing and publishing articles isn’t something that comes natural to many business owners, but it’s a necessary ingredient for successful search engine traffic. Some business owners outsource writing to freelancers, while others take the time to research and write for themselves. Writing for the web differs from traditional writing formats. It varies depending on your audience and your goals, since internet readers areRead More

How Raccoons Helped Me Make Better Business Decisions

Raccoons are a constant nuisance where I live. We couldn’t go a day without cleaning up the mess they make knocking over our garbage cans and rummaging through them for scraps of food. I don’t blame the creatures; they’re just doing what comes natural. In my months-long battle to secure our garbage cans (and avoid theRead More

The Remote Working Parent

The WP Valet is a distributed workforce company. Our team members are based in Florida, California, Louisiana, North Carolina, and even in Uttar Pradesh, India. This means we work from our home offices, local coffee shops, and other locations that aren’t your typical cubicle-based office environments. Many of us also have children, and we realize we’reRead More

Live Video Streaming. The Right Platform for your Business and Demographic?

In the past 6 months, we’ve seen an extreme rise in the popularity of live video streaming. Services like Periscope, Meerkat, Blab.im have struck a nerve with millions of broadcasters and viewers alike. But is live video streaming something you should be doing in your business? What are the benefits? What are the potential pitfalls? Let’sRead More

WordCamp Orlando 2015—A Conference Not to Miss

As a WordPress business, WordCamp conferences are close to our heart. This year, our WP Valet team is excited to contribute the branding for the WordCamp Orlando 2015 conference. Our lead designer Hyemi Oh did a terrific job on the logo, emulating a fanciful, storybook theme—inspiring imagination and creativity. The WordCamp Orlando website also cameRead More

Welcome Pantheon as a Preferred Partner!

The WP Valet team loves building strong relationships in the community. It’s exciting to grow and work with new people. This month, we’re very happy to announce that Pantheon—a WordPress and Drupal hosting company—is now working with WP Valet as partner. To get things off to a smooth start, our team took a trip out to San FranciscoRead More