The WP Valet Approach

It’s always been our mission to help others navigate through those 75 million Google search results to find a qualified team with not just the development and customer service experience, but one that also sees itself as a partner in the business of our clients.

We exist to allow others to offload the full time job of website maintenance and development to someone else. That someone being the WP Valets.

Our core team comes with long term experience in utilizing and supporting WordPress website clients. We’ve carefully and purposefully built a team that segments the individual technical skills needed to support all aspects of a WordPress powered business website.


Meet the Team

  • Mason James
    Boss Man
    Mason James
  • Kimberly Lipari
    Chief of Operations
    Kimberly Lipari
  • James Tryon
    Creative Director
    James Tryon
  • Cole Stevenson
    Senior Developer
    Cole Stevenson
  • Andre Brongniart
    Server Administration
    Andre Brongniart
  • Violette Calhoun
    Project Manager
    Violette Calhoun
  • Hunter Rossier
    Account Manager
    Hunter Rossier
  • Gillian Anderson
    Account Manager
    Gillian Anderson
  • Vincent Re
    Front-End Developer
    Vincent Re
  • Josh Shashaty
    Josh Shashaty
  • Connor Whitehouse
    Migration Technicians
    Connor Whitehouse
  • Trey Praytor
    Trey Praytor
  • Mark England
    Migration Technicians
    Mark England
  • Amy Givens
    Amy Givens
  • Pranaya Chaudhary
    Support Guru
    Pranaya Chaudhary
  • Adam Warner
    Brand ambassador
    Adam Warner
  • Eric Defazio
    Eric Defazio