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Are you thinking about building a website with Squarespace, but you are a bit frightened by their pricing section and unsure where to start? Due to an exclusive promo code released by Squarespace, budgeted users no longer need to fret about using Squarespace premium since it has been made easier and more affordable for every budgeted user.

There is no doubt that Squarespace is one of the best platforms for building your dream website. Creating a website with Squarespace is easier thanks to the wide range of tools that Squarespace offers, including premium templates and intuitive user interfaces.

This promo code offer is unlike a 5-10% discount. Instead, it brings you a massive discount of up to 20%-50%. 

Isn’t it feel like a great deal? It is. 

Don’t wait for more since this promo code is close to expiring. Just tighten your belt, purchase the premium, and transform your website like you always wanted. 

Available Squarespace Promo Codes (2023)

Currently, Squarespace is offering the promo code “W4C20” valid only until 30th April 2023. By claiming this code, you can get a discount of up to 30%, which is great news for all users who want to subscribe to the plan but whose budget is not allowing them to do so. 

With Squarespace’s monthly discounts currently on, you can now get a 30% discount on your Squarespace website instantly when you use the coupon code mentioned above. This coupon code applies to either the monthly or annual plans and if you combine this coupon code with the annual discount, you will be able to save up to 50% on your entire purchase if you use it together. This discount offer still has time to expire. But don’t wait much as the expiry date is closer.

How to Claim the Squarespace Promo Code? 

So finally, you decided to subscribe to Squarespace and are all set to enjoy the massive discount. 

How can you redeem the promo code? We have outlined the step-by-step instructions to claim the Squarespace promo code. 

Step 1: To redeem the promo code, follow the link to Squarespace’s official website. 

Squarespace Overview

Step 2: On the next page, you will be asked some questions about the type of website you want; after you answer those, you will be directed to the template library. Once you have selected the pre-made template, you can begin customizing it. 

SquareSpace Template Overview

Step 3: Moving forward, you need to create the Squarespace account or log in to the account if you are already a user. 

Create Account Squarespace

Step 4: Next, give your website a title to make it easier for people to find it. Whenever you want, you can change the title of the page. You need to click on the next option to view all the guides. Using the close button at the top left of the screen may also allow you to skip the steps.

Step 5: You’re now in the free trial! However, you can upgrade if you want a 20% discount on the premium version. On the bottom of your email is an option that says ‘subscribe’ that you need to click on. 

SquareSpace Page

Step 6: Next, you need to decide which plan you would like to subscribe to. A Personal plan is a right choice for freelancers who wish to showcase their portfolios or individuals who wish to build a personal website for personal use. If you are interested in the Personal plan, indicate that when you order. 

Select a Plan - Squarespace

Step 7: In the final step, you must enter your credit card information as shown on your screen. Whenever you have finished filling out the information, click ‘save and continue.’ 

Payment - Squarespace

Greetings! With Squarespace’s new affordable pricing, you’ll be able to use the site without breaking the bank.

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace Pricing Overview

In terms of pricing, Squarespace offers its users a variety of options. Each of its four membership levels has its benefits, and each is suitable for a different type of user. You can choose from four plans: personal, business, commerce basic, and commerce advanced.

  • Personal Plan: A personal plan costs $16/month. With unlimited bandwidth, you can access up to 30 minutes of video, get SSL security, and start with unlimited free templates to set you up immediately. Additionally, you will receive a 1-year license for two users and round-the-clock support from the Squarespace Customer Care team. 
  • Business Plan: There is a $23/month charge for the business plan. This plan offers the same features as the Personal plan but also offers a multi-user license, email marketing services, premium integrations, CSS and Javascript customizations, etc. 
  • Commerce Basic: It costs $27/month for Commerce’s basic plan and includes every feature available on the Personal and Business plans. Furthermore, you get assistance with point-of-sale, the ability to set up customer accounts, and a service that allows you to checkout on your domain. 
  • Commerce Advanced: Designed for businesses that have a large number of websites, this plan will meet your needs. This plan is available for $49/month and entitles you to use all the premium tools and features available on Squarespace. Through this plan, you’ll be able to get several benefits besides everything you get with the other 3 plans, such as cart recovery, subscriptions of products, advanced shipping tools, and a whole lot more. 

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Conclusion: Squarespace Promo Code (2023)

If it comes to the convenience of building a premium website, Squarespace is, without a doubt, the ace in the hole. You can create your website with its intuitively designed, beginner-friendly user interface!

Is there anything better than the chance to access one of the best website builders for 30% less? What are you waiting for? If you haven’t started yet, what are you waiting for? The offer is only valid for a limited time period. Let’s not let the Squarespace discount expire before we get the chance to take advantage of it!

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How much discount do I get on Squarespace? 

Using our exclusive promo code you can claim a 30% discount, but if you are a student you can get a 50% discount on Squarespace. 

Where can I enter the promo code? 

As you select the plan, you will land on the checkout page where you will see the area where you need to enter the promo code. 

Do I get a student discount on Squarespace? 

Squarespace offers a 50% discount for the discount, to get this discount you need to verify yourself as a student. 

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