Jasper AI Free Trial 2023: How To Claim 10K Words For Free?

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With the use of the copywriting tool Jasper AI, you can write 5 times as much content in a shorter amount of time by automatically creating persuasive, alluring text for your blog articles, landing pages, social media advertisements, marketing emails, and more.

This AI copywriting program is not only quick and effective but also extremely accurate; in tests, the artificial intelligence was able to write text that was nearly indistinguishable from articles produced by people. This AI tool has the potential to transform content marketing because it can produce high-quality content quickly.

It is more widely applicable to marketing text, which includes blog entries. Landing pages, media pieces, and much more. Let’s dive deeper into the step-by-step process and features of Jasper AI Tool and the associated pricing structure and details into it.

Step By Step Guide To Claim Jasper AI Free Trial

The free trial offer is an exclusive one that only a select few websites provide, and we are one of them; therefore you won’t find it on Jasper’s official website. Do these actions to accept the offer immediately.

Step #1: Go to this link to visit the official Jasper website, which will enable the free trial offer for you. Go ahead and click the “Claim 10,000 Words Free” button you’ll see. The upper right corner of the website contains the “Try For Free” button.

Jasper AI official page

Step #2: To access the free trial on the following page, you must register for a brand-new Jasper account. Make sure to provide fresh login information while setting up the account since if you already have a Jasper account, you won’t be eligible for the free trial. After finishing the form, select “Continue” to move further.

Jasper AI- Create an acount

Step #3: An email with a confirmation number will be sent to you. To verify your email address, copy the code and paste it into the website’s code box.

Jasper AI- Verify your email

Step #4: Your account will be immediately authorized after you confirm these data. They will enquire about your domain name, company name, and intended use of Jasper when setting up your account. For your account setup to be successful, you must provide accurate answers to those questions.

Jasper AI- Tell us about your business

Step #5: You will now be prompted to choose a plan for Jasper. You can choose from either of the two available alternatives for that. Moving to the checkout page requires clicking the “Start Free Trial” button.

Jasper AI- Pricing page

Step #6: You can notice on the checkout page that they are offering a free trial of five days, after which you will be charged for the plan you’ve chosen. You must first provide your credit card details before clicking the “Start Trial” button to begin the free trial.

Jasper AI- Fill your card details

Jasper AI Features Explained

  • Content production: Based on your idea, Jasper can write a specified number of words on the topic you’ve entered. You can provide a few suggestions like headings, titles, and some other sentences, and click on the write button to see what AI writes for you. 
  • Document Editor: To write your work, use the Google Doc-related terminal on Jasper’s official website. 
  • Options for the articulation of opinion: Jasper.ai offers a function that lets you control the voice used in your material. You must develop your own tone descriptors because this is not a multiple-choice technique.
  • With the on-site editing feature, you can shift and format text, create headings, and add images, and links. Visit the website for further details. 
  • When you don’t know where your work originated, it’s easy to wonder if it was plagiarised. You can search for comparable content in your article using Jasper’s built-in plagiarism detector and receive a match in percentage if there is any. The plagiarism detector tool is not included in the plan of Jasper, you need to buy its credits separately.
  • Grammarly Integration: Through the collaboration between Grammarly and Jasper, you can Grammarly directly on the content you create through Jasper and fix mistakes if there are any.

Jasper AI Pricing Details 

Boss Plan Structure- 

The first month of the elite package is $59. The boss plan provides

Jasper AI Pricing Details 
  • Every month, 50,000 words are produced.
  • most recent content lookback
  • Ten users in total
  • Support Chat Document Editor Jarvis Command Long-form writing helper
  • If clients use up all of their monthly word allowance for either of the two pricing options, they can purchase additional words each month. It reminds me of cell phone data plans in that you can go over your monthly allotment, but there will be a premium.

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Conclusion: Jasper AI Free Trial (2023)

Most expert marketers agree that artificial intelligence (AI) content generators aren’t quite ready to take over the internet yet. An article on Entreprenuer.com shows that these technologies are only resources for content development and are not a last resort. Even the most advanced tools may not fully comprehend your brand objectives because some of them are still in the trial stage.

If you produce a lot of content, Jasper can help you polish your prose and come up with suggestions for fresh angles. Jasper needs too much guidance if you want to eliminate writing for marketing purposes completely. Stick with a professional writer if you want real freedom from the grind of article development. Register for a free trial of Scripted to learn how it can connect businesses with top writers at reasonable pricing.


Can you use the Jasper AI tool for free?

Jasper has integrated Copyscape plagiarism detection, so you can write a limitless amount of original content using it. Who ought to employ Jasper AI? Jasper AI should be tried by content marketers, business owners, and agencies who spent countless hours developing original content. 

Is it possible to write a book through the Jasper AI tool?

Jasper is an artificially intelligent writing assistant who is capable of producing a variety of writing projects, including creative stories, blog posts, full novels, marketing emails, ads, and more.

Is Jasper AI tool have an API?

Moreover, Jasper is introducing its first API, giving companies a choice to incorporate generative AI.

What is the Jasper AI tool built on?

A content writing tool called Jasper AI will create articles for you using artificial intelligence. It is founded on the free and open-source GPT-3 API, which underpins over 300 apps, many of which are Jasper’s rivals. And it’s quite beneficial if you take the time to understand how it operates.

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