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WPAstra is one of the most demanded WordPress themes developed by the Brainstorm Force team. Nothing like this theme will help you create your own stunning website; to do that, you will need to upgrade to the Astra Pro version.

Do you have a tight budget but still want to subscribe to the all-time favorite Astra Theme? Anyways, we’ve got your back. Now you do not have to rely on third-party websites anymore to look for code. In the run-up to Black Friday, Astra offers one of the most awaited discounts.

Black Friday Sale gets you 50% off. Yes, you heard it right. By taking advantage of this offer, you will be able to save up to a huge amount of money and enjoy the premium features that will enhance your website’s appearance. 

In this article, we have put together all the details related to Astra Theme Discount and step-by-step instructions to claim the discount.

About Astra Theme Discount

Astra launches once-in-a-lifetime discount sales for all WordPress website owners and offers them the chance to save 50% off.

You can save 50% on all Astra premium plans. However, keep in mind that these discounts don’t last forever. Discount valid until 2 Dec 2022 only.

Whether you choose the Astra pro, essential bundle, or Growth plan, you only have until 2nd December to take advantage of the 50% discount. 

Discover each plan’s discounted price during the ongoing sale. 

PlansAnnual PlanDiscounted PriceLifetime PlanDiscounted Price
Astra Pro$59$44 (25%)$299$209/year (30%)
Essential Bundle$169$127 (27%)$849$509 (40%)
Growth Bundle$249$174 (30%)$1249$625 (50%)

How to claim Astra Theme Discount?

Claiming the Astra Theme Discount is often a mystery to some. Now that you’re here, there are no more wonders. The following steps describe how to claim the Astra Theme Discount:

Step #1: To take advantage of the Astra Theme discount, click on the link to make your way to the Astra Theme official website landing page. 

Astra Theme official website

Step #2: Once you visit the landing page, there you need to click on the pricing option. 

Astra Theme-visit the landing page

Step #3: On the next page, you will be taken to the pricing page, where you can see clearly that they are automatically providing a 50% discount on each of the plans they offer. 

Astra Theme-Pricing page

Step #4: The next step would be to click on the buy button to proceed to the next step and get the Astra theme at a discounted price. 

 Astra Theme-Discounted price Page

Step #5: When you have completed the steps above, you will be taken to the checkout page, where you will have to enter all the required information and then continue with the payment process by selecting the method you wish to use to make the payment. 

Enter all the required information

That’s it, and you are done claiming the discount for Astra Theme.


Why do you need Astra Theme? 

Recently, the Astra theme for WordPress has achieved 500,000 users worldwide, which makes the theme one of the fastest-growing themes of all time. 

During the Black Friday Sale, the Astra theme is available for a 50% discount on every available plan. Astra is, without a doubt, one of the best WordPress themes available. If you are searching for a free WordPress theme and a premium WordPress theme, Astra is your best choice.

The Astra theme includes the following features: 

Pre-Built Websites

A WordPress website built from scratch is time-consuming and difficult. If you have done it, you know how much work it takes.

Several business templates available at Astra help you create your own or your client’s website within hours. 

An SEO-optimized lightweight theme

One thing that makes Astra stand out from other WordPress themes is its performance. Bloggers should look for WordPress themes that offer a wide range of options when looking for themes for their blogs.

More features and functions are included in this theme than expected, so your content may take a while to load.

Some of the additional features that come with Astra Theme are as follows: 

  • Page builder integration 
  • No need for coding 
  • Header and footer builder

Pricing plans | Astra Theme

Three major plans are available with Astra Theme, including Astra Pro, Essential Bundle, and Growth Bundle. Listed below are the complete Astra pricing packages. 

Astra Themes Pricing
  1. Astra Pro 

Astra Pro is one of the best ways to get a substantial discount on entry-level plans in the market. There is an annual plan which costs $47, and there is a lifetime plan which costs $227.

  1. Essential Bundle

Regarding its middle-tier packages, Astra offers a bundle called the Essential package. In conjunction with the Black Friday sale offered by Astra Theme, it will also be provided at significantly reduced prices.

An annual license costs $137, and a lifetime license costs $677.

  1. Growth Bundle 

It costs $187 annually and $937 for a lifetime license.

For a very limited period, Astra Theme plans to offer a lifetime subscription to their products for only $174 per year and $625 for a one-year subscription.

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Conclusion: Astra Theme Discount

There is nothing better than Astra, a simple, elegant, and powerful WordPress theme that can be tailored to your needs and requirements.

On Black Friday, Astra Pro pricing options for up to 50% off can be found. This is a fantastic time to save. Taking advantage of these offers is a once-in-a-lifetime experience – so don’t miss your chance to save. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I get updates?

Whenever updates are available you will get a notification and update automatically within a single click.

What is the refund policy on Astra Themes?

You will 100% refund on Astra Themes if you are unhappy with your purchase. To get a refund you need to apply within 14 days of purchase.

For how many websites you can use Astra and plugins?

You can install Astra and the other plugins on unlimited websites.

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