We Build Custom Web Applications, Migrate Sites, and Provide Preventative Support

We're a full-service team of designers, strategists, developers and web support valets. We work with our clients as partners & deliver proven, high-quality results.

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Our Specialties

Let's find the best solution for your business. Our full service team of product strategists, developers and designers makes your project a success. We work with clients for the lifetime of the project—from initial discovery to after launch with our monthly support.

  • Etsy
  • Treating Pain
  • Mixergy
  • Nvidia
  • Startup Weekend

Our Monthly Support Service

Our expert Valets have over 50+ years of combined WordPress experience. We're WordPress contributors, community leaders, and recognized industry speakers. Let us manage your website, so you can manage your business.

White Glove Service

We'll take it from here. Our Valet service ensures that your site is always up and running. We take care of your site's day-to-day needs, as well as any issues that arise. And with our monitoring systems, we know the moment anything ever happens.

Ready to add something new?

Let's work together to find the best approach, so anything added fits your business goals and serves your users.

Our Valets have the expertise to migrate, maintain, design, develop and execute any WordPress project — always to the highest quality & best practices.

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Because your site is too important to fail

Backups are important. But most backups happen on your own servers. If your server dies, your backups are gone. Catastrophe!

Breath easy, WP Valet creates secure, offsite backups 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our backup service includes:

  • Daily offsite backups, unaffected by your servers.
  • Ability to restore your site remotely.
  • Access backups at any time from any time.
  • Never lose anything, ever again
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WordPress is Rapidly Growing

WordPress is a growing community, and it's important to keep your site constantly up-to-date. Our hands-on service ensures new updates are safely installed. We test updates in a staging environment, make sure all updates run smoothly, and only then do we push changes to production.

Our service includes:

  • Initial site review, ensuring each client's site is safe to update.
  • Updates to Plugins, Themes and WordPress by our maintenance Valets.
  • Testing updates in a staging environment before pushing live.
  • Immediate patches for security updates.
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Unparalleled Support & Protection

Not all threats are visible. It takes constant vigilance to ensure your site is safe from harm. Our systems scan regularly to ensure you're not under attack—or susceptible to one. We use trusted tools like Sucuri and our own applications.

We also offer an audit service to thoroughly examine your site for security risks.

We help protect against:

  • Unauthorized Code Injectors
  • Malicious Code
  • Phishing Attempts
  • Backdoors
  • Malware
  • Other security risks
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Extensive Site Monitoring

Our Service is like having the top of the line security system along with a personal bodyguard. We watch over your site 24/7, and our team knows exactly what to look for in the event of an outage. Our monitoring system instantly alerts us if your site ever goes offline.

Our Valets go a step further. Are you getting a lot of traffic? Did you forget to renew your domain? We offer recommendations to help you avoid usage problems and make sure you’re ready for your visitors.

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Experts at Your Service

Navigating WordPress can be intimidating. Finding quality answers to your questions is vital, and advice should come from trusted professionals.

Our Valets boast a combined 50+ years experience in WordPress development and support.

We know how to fix problems and offer feedback that will not only better your site, but can help improve your
bottom line.

Benefit from our experience with:

  • Troubleshooting existing issues
  • Consulting on premium Themes & Plugins
  • Advice on Repository Selections
  • Custom design & development
  • SEO Recommendations
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Open Transparent Communication

Our Valets deliver a weekly report covering all the activity on your domain. We're proud of how we care for your site, and we want you to know what we're up to.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your site is in capable hands.

Our weekly reporting includes:

  • Updates on your site
  • Traffic & pattern increases
  • Security patches
  • Enhancements added
  • Any nefarious activity
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Products We Love

Our team works with premium products on a daily basis, and we can help you deliver a fantastic user experience.

We understand Google Analytics, MOZ and other custom frameworks. From complex design software to e-commerce, we’ll make a tailored solution to fit your business objectives.

Custom Design, Dev & Business Analysis

Business Analysis, Custom Design & Development

WP Valet's team of expert developers, designers & project managers delivers custom development solutions, tailored to fit your needs. Tell us your goals, your problems, and your deadlines and we'll make a plan to get you to launch.

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Our Clients

We're privileged to work with some of the best companies on the planet.

I was pleasantly surprised by what you guys gave us. Very happy with James’ walk-through. I have gotten audits done by vendors in the past and they were always sub-par but you guys really surpassed all expectations. Well done!

Rebecca Churt OpenViewLabs

WP Valet is like my CFO and Tech Department. If anything breaks on my site, or if I have an idea for something new to add to it, all I have to do is email the team and they make it work.

Andrew Warner Mixergy.com

One of my favorite things about working with WP Valet is they have gotten to know our business and genuinely care about our mission and what we do. We’ve grown to the point where they feel like an extension of my dev team.

David Pierce StartupWeekend.org

I hired WP Valet to handle the increasing technical complexity of my website, PulmCCM.org. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. WP Valet frees me up to focus on writing and building the business. When glitches happen, there’s no fire drill; I just email support and it gets taken care of.

Matt Hoffman PulmCCM

Centric has been working with WP Valet for the past few years and just completed a large project that required a significant amount of custom development work and WordPress expertise. The end result exceeded our expectations. When we need them, WP Valet is there to help and to do the job well. That peace of mind is hard to come by. Thank you!

Mike Brannan Centric Consulting

All season long, visitors have been commenting on how beautiful our site is and how easy to navigate. Exactly the results we were hoping for when we completely redesigned our website, thanks to WP Valet!

Lorraine Treanor DC Theatre Scene

The WP Valet team has changed all of our expectations when it comes to web development. They have completed every task we have ever asked of them with quicker turn around times and more cost efficient. Illusion Systems brand has never been stronger and we can directly attribute our success to the efforts by The WP Valet team.

Jeff Dukart Illusion Systems

The WP Valet team has done excellent work in developing, launching, and continuously refining TreatingPain.com to help our practices reach and educate consumers in pain. I find our website very user-friendly, easy to navigate and state-of-the-art with interactive tools, videos and patient education materials. Many thanks!

Aneesh Singla M.D., M.P.H., National Spine & Pain Centers Treating Pain

We’ve been clients of WP valet for a little over a year. We’re a relatively high-volume site and have undertaken some ambitious projects in that time. We’ve been very please with WP Valet’s responsiveness and creativity.

We planned and built a seamless site for finding pain treatment in the modern age—delivering an online experience that educates visitors on pain treatment options, shares success stories on treatments, and finds local doctors and specialists.

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